Do you need army, display level or professional box arts? One of our team can help.  
Over 10 years experience. 

Tim Marsh 

Multi award winning artist, painter and lover of all things fantasy and sci-fi.  
Box Artist 
Collectors Pieces 
Army Painter 
Display Level 
All Single Figure/ Monster/ Vehicles Considered  
Social Media Management 
2D drawings and Artwork 
One 2 One Tuition Available 
Let me know what you're after as I am happy to discuss all levels and budgets.  
Above all, I want you to walk away having had your expectations surpassed.  

Mally Anderson  

I have been painting for many years, working across multiple scales. From starting with the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range through to the current scale of figures we produce at Journeyman Miniatures. I can paint at any scale, from flat figures and tiny 6mm figures, to large scale. 
I am also painting boxarts for Journeyman Miniatures and have also worked with Oroborus Miniatures and have other companies I will be working with during 2022. 
Box Artist 
Army Painter 
Display Level 
One 2 One Tuition Available 
Many thanks for reading, and if I can help you then follow the link below. 

Stephanie Solanilla Marsh  As one of the founding members of Journeyman Miniatures, I have been around from the very beginning (but only ever lurking in the shadows).  Finally allowed out into the light, I am specialising in Tabletop and Tabletop+ models.  Army Character Monster Terrain  Any brand, any genre, any commissions considered.   We're still in the process of building this page but please feel free to get in contact with any questions.   

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