Welcome to the Gallery, a digital showcase of some of our customers paint jobs or students work completed during workshops  
Bograth the Hunter by Lee Winnett 
Dimitr Von Goray by Tim Marsh at the Bohun Course 
Bograth the Hunter by David Srba 
Road Girl Academic by Joshua Lai ‘ Queen of the Wasteland ‘ 
Road Girl by Mally Anderson 
Bograth the Hunter by Styve Nameche 
Road Girl Academic by Joshua Lai ‘ Queen of the Wasteland ‘ 
By Tim Marsh from the Roman Lappat Course 
The Minotaur by Liam Hearne 
The Minotaur by Fabrizio Rusto Russo 
Kohana by David Power from the Michal Pisarski Course 
The Dungeon Explorers by Chris Suhre 
Garmr by Tassos Moukas  
Road Girl by Lionel Desa  
Shinobi by Nathaniel Cooper 
Garmr by Styve Nameche 


Photos from recent events held by Journeyman Miniatures at venues across the UK 
Michal Pisarski going through his NMM technique 
Robert Karlsson in the house ! 
When it gets hot, Roman takes the lesson outside 
Tim Marsh explains the benefits of certain materials for basing 
W.I.P. from the beginners course of Tim Marsh and Mally Anderson 
Roman Lappat - it can be dirty work 
Alfonso Giraldes making it look so easy 
Alfonso Giraldes in his element 
Mr Tommie Soule in da house ! 
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