Tim Marsh 
When i was growing up I was only really half paying attention to what was going on around me. Oxbow lakes just weren't that exciting, spelling and maths just didn't hold that much of an apeal (spelling mistake there on purpose for comic effect) P.E. was cold, wet and rubbish. Instead, my brain was full of cool stuff like dragons, dinosaurs.....dragons fighting dinosaurs! Epic Light Saber battles between good and evil, attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion, bright as magnesium. 
These images however required a release which is why I drew. I loved art as a kid because it gave me the ability to turn the images in my head, these epic life and death struggles into something tangible, something real. 
I lost that when I left university, got a job in hospitality and 'grew up'. Now, after 23 years in the pub industry I have decided to become what I have always dreamt of, a professional artist. I have reconnected with the child inside, the images in my head have found a new outlet and I'm very happy to share them with the World. 
Bograth the Hunter 
Iron Crow Veteran 
Mother Nature 
Boxarts, Character or Hero commissions for any level or budget (although I specialize in high end, display level) 
2D drawings and concepts. 
Online painting tuition. 
Social media management.  
Miniature production and company consultancy.  
I'm more than happy to discuss whatever project you have in mind. Message me below for more details. 
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